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For many years, the Bushaway Road Corridor has been known for its beautiful tree canopy, the adjacent Big Woods, architecturally special houses, and the intriguing causeway drive squeezed between Wayzata Bay and Gray's Bay. Bushaway residents and Wayzata City leaders worked together with Hennepin County to complete a road reconstruction plan that is much less damaging than the County's proposal 7 years ago. E.g., it will save 800 trees.
The road work began Oct. 8, 2014 and will continue through 2015. During that time we will continue to work to ensure that the trees and historical character of the corridor are not lost.

Jack AmdalJack Amdal is stepping down. After 10 years on the City Council and 6 years as Chair of the Bushaway Task Force, Jack is retiring from the City Council effective, January 1, 2015. His leadership has been central to saving Bushaway. The letter below will appear in the local papers to express the appreciation of Wayzata residents. It has been signed by 56 citizens of Wayzata, about a third of whom remain residents of Bushaway Road.
Thank you Jack.

Letter on Behalf of Jack Amdal: A True Servant Leader:
In Wayzata we sometimes hear people talk about their ideal leader as a “Servant Leader.” We know of no finer example of a Servant Leader than Jack Amdal, who will soon leave the Wayzata City Council after 10 years of exemplary service and leadership.
A Servant Leader is not motivated by ego. Rather, he or she begins as a servant and later seeks a position of leadership in order better to serve people – including the least powerful people. That quality of leadership is essential as Wayzata struggles to retain its endangered “small-town charm” – a struggle in which Jack Amdal has quietly exhibited genuine, extremely effective leadership.
Jack’s service to our community began decades ago with the Wayzata Historical Society, which he served as president, helping it grow into the most important organization for preserving the memory of the people and past that have made Wayzata the community it is. He then continued his service during 10 years on the Planning Commission, serving as its chairperson and contributing his professional knowledge as an architect to help the commission better evaluate plans proposed by developers. Jack continued generously and quietly to share his time and talent after his election to the City Council in 2004. Understanding the benefits and the risks of new developments, he exhibited considerable integrity and courage in opposing dramatic height and density variances forcefully sought by the developer of the largest, most consequential project in our small town’s history.
Those who have served with Jack appreciate his long dedication to Wayzata. He is always well prepared and often the most knowledgeable person on the dais. He sometimes asks questions of developers that no one else thought to ask. In addition to participating in regular council meetings and a growing number of pre-meeting workshops, Jack led hundreds of meetings over six years for the Bushaway Road Task Force. That task force successfully completed its work of finding a compromise with the county, preserving as much beauty and as many trees as possible on the historic road. Jack’s patient, collaborative, respectful style of leadership deserves much credit for the outcome. We consider Jack one of the leading forces for preservation of our natural resources in the city and for a balanced approach to city development.
As Jack takes a sabbatical from decades of public service and leadership, hundreds of
Wayzata 's citizens​ ​share​​our admiration and appreciation to him for the many ways he has made a positive difference in Wayzata. All 56 residents of Wayzata who signed this letter are listed at the following webpage: http://bushaway.wikifoundry.com.

Most sincerely,

Bob and Elaine Ambrose
Bridget, Jason and Harrison Anderson
Kim Anderson
Ron Anderson
Mary Bader
Merrily Borg Babcock
John Berryhill
Rick Born
Pat Broyles
Lucy W. Bruntjen
Cathy and Dale Carlson
Russ Crowder
Joanie Cunningham
Steve Doyle
Mitch Eide
Kristen Eide-Tollefson
Steve Fox
Mark and Susan Hughes
Nancy Kehmeier
Lynn Gruber
Cathy Iverson
Joann and Don Leavenworth
James and Heather Lura
Elissa Madson
Ann and Duane Markus
Bev and Dick Mast
Joseph and Lynn McCarthy
Alan and Diane Miller
Mark and Nancy Morris
Tom and Polly Pabst
Joel Papa, Sr.
Peter Pflaum
Jeff and Wendy Shore
Marlin and Merlin Smart
Sue Sorrentino
Randy Stanley
Irene Stemmer
Deanne Straka
Carolyn Taylor
Zita Hawley Wright
Reene Young

Bushaway Road during November 2014 sometimes had the look and feel of a war zone.
The old railroad bridge has been demolished and north Bushaway will remain closed for at least a year. The McGinty intersection is unrecognizable as gigantic cranes and monster dirt movers with 8-foot tires created mounds the size of ski slopes. The photographs below show how Bushaway looked on Thanksgiving day when all was quiet and workers ate turkey at home.

View of causeway from Gray's Bay Bridge
View of Bushaway causeway from Gray's Bay Bridge

From Zita' house to McGinty
Construction from Zita's House to McGinty intersection

Bushaway Neighborhood Home Page - Historic Bushaway Neighborhood
Former bridge over BNSF railroad with Eide House in background

Bushaway Neighborhood Home Page - Historic Bushaway Neighborhood
Construction on Eastman Ln near Wayzata Yacht Club


To keep up with the progress and the road closings, check these County nformation sources:

Re-construction of Bushaway Road Begins:Road work began on Bushaway,the McGinty/Bushaway Intersection and Railroad Bridge in October, 2014. Parts of Bushaway Road will be Closed to both local and non-local Traffic for about 15 months ending late 2015.Landscaping work will continue after that date, in 2016.

Jack Amdal Honored in July, 2014 for his leadership of the Bushaway Task force for Seven Years.
In a celebration organized by Wayzata City Mayor Willcox, the Bushaway residents and others active in saving the Bushaway ecology awarded Jack Amdal an Outstanding Service Award for his Leadership as Chair of the Bushaway Task Force and as a member of the City Council.

A Bushaway film fund-raising campaign: The project was launchedIn June, 2014,at Zita Hawley-Wrights house for a broadcast-quality film on Bushaway Road & how the neighbors organized to save the historic beauty of the road.The film is being produced by Steve Doyle; he has already logged many days filming interviews, houses, trees, and environmental aspects of Bushaway. More donations are needed to cover the full cost of the film.

See many full size Bushaway documents here: REA Files

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